New Booth ~ Help me decide................

I'm opening a booth at The Street of Shops in Lewisburg. They've got 2 empty spots for me to choose from. The first one is a double booth and also twice the monthly rent but it's also in the main area. The second one is smaller and in the back of the building in an out of the way area so I'm not sure how much traffic I'll get back there. Which one would you take?

Above is the double booth. Looking in from just inside the front door. The front of the booth is built like an old store. Hence the name "The Street of Shops"

Above is the double booth looking out onto the Market square.

And this is the smaller booth. It's roughly 8x14. It's in the back of the building and you have to walk through another booth to get there but the price is much more affordable. What to do..............What to do................


  1. Good Luck with your new adventure, I have been to those shops and love them, maybe I make back there again soon.

  2. Do what you can afford. It usually takes a good 6 months for customers to find you and remember where you are. Can you try the more expensive one for 3 months? Maybe if you can give it a trial run first I would definitely go for the more expensive, but better location booth. The problem then would be that if you chose the expensive booth and wanted to exit it would there still be another available. Start with what you feel comfortable with first, then let the shop owners know that if sales go well you would like a larger booth. I would love if you did my wall technique. I have explained how to do it in a previous post, but if you have any questions about it just ask me and I will be happy to help. My e-mail is Tiina..


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