A little more progress on the walls of the shop.....

These pictures were taken Sunday. Since then I've added a little more script to the walls and painted the trim. Just a few more flourishes to go before I stain. The Antique/ Craft Mall manager says lots of customers are intrigued with the walls...................Lets hope they are intrigued with the items we fill it with enough to buy them!

This is the front of the shop. Isn't it cute?


  1. Its looking really cute. Are you doing this yourself? Stenciling, a rub on or hand painted? Whats next, scaffolding so you can paint the ceiling? Looking forward to the results

  2. Hi Debbie! Thanks for the compliments! And no, I'm not painting that ceiling! I'm afraid of heights! The painting is done with an over-head projector. So I'm kinda cheating, but it looks nice! Thanks again, Linda


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