Beautiful Glass Glitter!

I ordered some glass glitter from a shop on etsy and just look at how beautifully it was packaged!
The tissue paper was made to look like roses.
I was so thrilled with the package that I didn't even want to unwrap it!
I ordered it from Kimberly at Glitter and Kitsch.
Thanks Kimberly! You totally made my day!

But after staring at it for quite some time I finally broke down.
The glitter is just as beautiful! I can't wait to use it!
I think I'm gonna go play now!


Where's the best place to get German Glass Glitter? And some oval metal tags....

I need some for a few Christmas projects I'm working on.
Where do you find the best deals? TIA


A Vie Renouvele Is Overflowing!

The shop is full of antique, vintage & new items.
I've got a lot more vintage & antique clothing to add as soon as we
install a clothing rack. I love the look of the clothes hanging
all over the place but we have so many more pieces to add that I'm afraid it will
look too cluttered.
(Click on the Pictures to enlarge)

I really need to get in there and dress the manny........her decorated hoop skirt sold this week! Yeah!

We've also added a lot more fall since these pictures were taken so if you're in the area please stop in.

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