Flooding in our area - Central Pa

 The river has yet to crest.........
Blue Spruce Inn - Rt. 405 Just south of Milton
Click on the photos to enlarge.
 Rt 405 Near the intersection of Housels Run Rd. Looking North
 Boyer Rd off of Rt. 405. Flooding from the Chillisquaque Creek
 Again, Boyer Rd
 Chillisquaque Creek looking south from Rt 405
 Railroad tracks also flooded from Chillisquaque Creek
 Milton Post Office behind the Elks sign - looking north
 Park in town
 Business in Milton on Front St
 Ah Yeah, No Parking Here! lol
 Milton Moose, being flooded from a stream behind it. The river is across the street. I'm sure the river and the stream will meet in the next day or two.
 Milton River Bridge looking south
Entrance to the Milton River Bridge looking south


  1. I'm so sorry. I'm from east of Hershey, and we had our share of it as well. We've had deaths, evacuations, condemned houses, and lots of sadness. I've never really been a part of a natural disaster before. Blessings to you as you grieve with your neighbors. Fondly, Tami

  2. Dearest Linda,

    Hope you are fine...
    We used to live in Shillington for half a year, the winter of 1988 till March next year.
    Love to you from Georgia where we needed rain as we lost so many trees, shrubs, roses etc. because of heat and drought.


  3. Lots of LOVE from switzerland...

    Jacqueline ♡

  4. What a terrible thing. Thinking of you and hope you are all safe. Australia had terrible floods last summer. I hope they never return. Now following xx Ava

  5. Yikes, so sorry! Hope your world gets back to normal soon.....

  6. I'm so sorry. I hope every thing will turn to normality very soon!
    Hugs from Italy

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