Our "New" old stove

Isn't it great! Gotta love old stoves!
And guess what? It's not that old. It's electric! It was given to me for free but the oven doesn't work so for now it's "for display only" in the shop. Someday I'll use it.......Someday.

Christmas at The Street of Shops

A Vie Renouvele all dressed for Christmas..........
An arrangement I made in a funky pink purse.

Pretty white tree with vintage postcard prints all trimmed in silver.

The Rosary collage.

And last but not least..................Snowballs for sale..................


New Fall Items

Marilyn & I added a few fall/Halloween items to the shop today.
I made treat boxes from vintage Halloween post cards..................They turned out really cute.

Marilyn made these little Halloween baskets from peat pots and the same vintage post card images. Aren't they just too sweet? Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Can you recommend new products for my shop?

I'm looking for suggestions.........................With the shop being so new and all...................What type of products do you think would look good in here and do well? I've added some french themed gift boxes and some altered bottle night lights and vintage lamps with altered shades. I've been working on some black and white pumpkins and some Halloween treat boxes that I'll add next week. I'd really like to add some french soaps like Savon de Marseille but I'm having a hard time finding it wholesale. If you have any suggestions for other products, I'd love to hear them!


Night Lights................

A night light I made using an old bottle and bits & pieces of vintage jewlery.


Before & After - Dining room Set

You can click on the "after" pictures to enlarge them.

Moving in........................

We did it! We finally got the furniture moved into the shop! It's been a long 3 weeks! I'm still working on the chairs that go with the dining set but at least we got the big stuff in.

It still looks kinda sparse, especially the back room.


We finished the shop walls today!

Finally! It took longer than I thought it would and got darker than I had envisioned but it sure does have that "Old World" look to it. The quote above the door says: Home Is Where The Heart Is. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them.
My friend Marilyn was such a huge help! I never would have finished it today if it wasn't for her. Thanks so much Marilyn! Marilyn and I had such a great day today! Yard Saleing till noon and then working on the walls the rest of the day.

See the little rusty wagon that "appeared" in the back room? It was just what I was looking for and will be getting a make-over tomorrow and be sitting just outside the door for our opening.


A little more progress on the walls of the shop.....

These pictures were taken Sunday. Since then I've added a little more script to the walls and painted the trim. Just a few more flourishes to go before I stain. The Antique/ Craft Mall manager says lots of customers are intrigued with the walls...................Lets hope they are intrigued with the items we fill it with enough to buy them!

This is the front of the shop. Isn't it cute?


My Shop Progress.....................

The walls are coming along. I've removed the wallpaper border and painted. Today I started "coloring on the walls" I saw this idea on Tiina's Blog and she was so kind to give me the step-by-step tutorial. Thanks so much Tiina! I love it!

Click on the pictures to enlarge.


Dining Room Set Before & During

The dining room set that I'm working on and a shelf. Before pictures and with the first coat of primer. There is also a table and 6 chairs not pictured.

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