Can you recommend new products for my shop?

I'm looking for suggestions.........................With the shop being so new and all...................What type of products do you think would look good in here and do well? I've added some french themed gift boxes and some altered bottle night lights and vintage lamps with altered shades. I've been working on some black and white pumpkins and some Halloween treat boxes that I'll add next week. I'd really like to add some french soaps like Savon de Marseille but I'm having a hard time finding it wholesale. If you have any suggestions for other products, I'd love to hear them!


  1. It is hard coming up with new items...that people will buy! I'm new to the whole shop thing, and it can be a challenge. Looks like you are off to a good start at any rate!!! Good luck...

    :) T

  2. Where is your store?? It looks fabulous...the french thing seems really big right now. Have you considered selling candles...they always sell well. You can pick up candles in plain glass containers for cheap and embellish the containers with vintage music pieces and such.
    Have fun. I will visit again.
    Also, my girlfriend has a store and empty frames sell really well painted in black and white to match your french theme. Your walls are magnificient!!

  3. It looks like you guys are off to a wonderful start!!!

  4. The displays look great!!


  5. sachets, pin cushions, and always Aprons!!! It looks fabulous now!


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