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The American Picker's Antiques and Archaeology

....were only 6 miles from my house on Friday!
They were in Mcewinsville, Pa 
My girlfriends son took these pictures. I can't wait to see the show air and see what they found!


What's In Your Backyard?

We've had a few warm days and It's got me to thinking....about my backyard. It's large enough, almost 4 acres. Oh what I could do with that! And I will someday when my youngest moves on. Right now my backyard is his heaven complete with a track for him and his friends to ride their dirtbikes on. They've got ramps and hills to jump. Ditches and even banking around the corners! It's gonna take a backhoe to level it all again! Not to mention it's not very peaceful when there are 5 or 6 very loud dirtbikes here! So for now I'll just dream about the gardens but I know when that day comes I'll wish more than anything to hear the laughing voices of the boys again and hear the screaming engines of their dirtbikes.

My SOMEDAY backyard.....

So, What's In Your Backyard?


Small White Kitchens

Small white kitchens.
Anyone else as addicted to Pinterest as I am?
It's an unending source of inspiration!

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