Beautiful Glass Glitter!

I ordered some glass glitter from a shop on etsy and just look at how beautifully it was packaged!
The tissue paper was made to look like roses.
I was so thrilled with the package that I didn't even want to unwrap it!
I ordered it from Kimberly at Glitter and Kitsch.
Thanks Kimberly! You totally made my day!

But after staring at it for quite some time I finally broke down.
The glitter is just as beautiful! I can't wait to use it!
I think I'm gonna go play now!


  1. Do show what you have created when your done. Love the colors you have received.
    Have fun creating!!!

  2. Just beautiful, had to blog about this on my blog at

  3. hi inda..."merci" for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words. Nice to meet you! I wanted to answer your question regarding the pillows and the transfer. In order to NOT get the edges of the transfer to show, i cut very closely to ONLY the image i want to transfer and then peel the backing OFF while the transfer is still hot/warm. It aways works well. i have never seen the edge of the transfer on the fabric that way. Bonne Chance!

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