My First Ever Antique / Craft Show!

It was a lot of work but boy, was it ever fun!
I'm hoping to do more shows next year with more advanced notice. I only had 3 weeks
to get ready for this one. That is just not enough time.
My sister Carol stayed and helped out all day.
Thanks Carol! I couldn't have done it without you!
I didn't have a lot of sales at the show but I did get a lot of publicity. We took everything that was left to the shop the next day and sales have sky rocketed since then!
I've moved into a new larger space at the Street of Shops also. Pictures coming soon!
Most of the furniture that you see here has since sold but if you see something small that you like, I'd be glad to mail it to you. Just send me an email & we'll work out the details.

1 comment :

  1. Wow, you did great for your first show! your set up looks wonderful.

    You'll soon learn that when in you're in the 'traveling' market biz, 3 weeks is a lot of time to get ready for a show. We go to one, come home and work like mad to make more things for the next one, and then go out again. It's a vicious cycle - but I love it!

    I hope you do well!


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